The 10pm Saturday Night Stand-up Comedy Show

Stand-up comedy pro showcase show—see a bunch of different comics who we think are good!

We’re different than the mainstream comedy clubs; here’s why to choose us over the comedy cellar (and others):

  •  there is no drink minimum (we don’t force you to spend $75 dollars on drinks and mediocre food)
  • our tickets & drinks are more affordable
  •  while we aren’t excessively woke, we aim to book comics who don’t “punch down” and who aren’t disrespectful/tasteless/hacky. We favor comics who are authentic, self-aware, and sincere (and of course funny).
  • the vibe and aesthetic of the club is much more intimate— at a bigger club you won’t feel like a part of the show as much.
  • to discover and support talented up and coming comics before they’re massively successful

 Staff review:  This is one of the most fun shows we have. It has a really fun late night energy, hosts who involve the crowd a lot (you’ll feel like you’re apart of the show, but don’t be scared), and a very silly goofy energy. You’ll definitely have a great time at this one. 

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