OUR STAND-UP COMEDY OPEN MICS (please read the whole thing)!

HOW TO GET THERE (new please read):
DON'T go up the fire escape anymore please. Go to 1717 Broadway Brooklyn (around the corner from our main showroom entrance at 10 Cooper street Brooklyn). You'll see a BLACK DOOR ABOUT 20 FEET to the RIGHT of ARMANDOS PIZZA. Buzz 315 and the call sign, wait to be buzzed in, and then head up to studio 315 (what we call the blue room). If we don't respond or buzz you in, we may be away from our phone/have bad reception—try to buzz in for photodom maybe.

Open Mic Hosts & Schedule (show up and sign up in-person; please don't call us)
**If you're an audience member for the open mics; pleased be advised that it will probably not be good**

1) We have the most mics in NYC and the cheapest mics in NYC!
2) They are all $2, with no item requirement (so called free mics elsewhere in NYC almost always have an item requirement, so that ends up being at least $5-10 per mic).
3) We would make them all free (we don't profit off them), but we've found that it's not a sustainable practice to keep the mics going.
4) All mics are free for audience to watch as well, so feel free to come just to watch or bring someone to support!
5) Please DON'T be racist or sexist or creepy or disrespectful at the mics or we'll have to ban you. This is not a censorship thing (you can say whatever you want wherever, but if people think you're disrespectful then we aren't required to support that). We don't require you to be clean by any means, just be respectful.
6) Don't call or email or message us about mic info we don't really know anything except what's listed here. The hosts would know more and you can usually find them by searching on Instagram. Most mics are show up go up.

1) Especially if you're a brand new comic, please try to refrain from being edgy and having takes about marginalized groups of people (you'll bomb) and/or punching down on any type of person; just be authentic and make jokes about your own experiences. If you still want to go for it, we won't stop you, but don't blame the room for being too woke when no one laughs.
2) If you want to be 100% sure a mic is on and you'll have a spot on it, you should message the host on instagram (but DON'T message us, we don't know).